Famous Haunts

London is alleged to be one of the most haunted cities on the planet! Here are a few well-known ones:

Bank Station – when it was built, it is said the work disturbed a graveyard, and still today staff of the station have said they have had feelings of dread and also had the worst smells. Just like that of a newly opened grave.

Bank – the Black Nun comes daily to grieve over her brother who worked for the Bank of England, but was executed for forged bank notes.

British Museum – the evil Priestess of the Temple of Amen-Ra is said to come from a coffin in the Egyptian Room.

Covent Garden Station – William Terriss was murdered in Maiden Lane in 1897, and due to his antics, the staff of the station are often excused from working there at night.

Hampton Court Palace – in 2003 CCTV footage captured the movements of a ghostly figure.

Westminster Abbey – a ghostly figure of a soldier has been seen guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and his fallen comrades.

Farringdon Station – screams have been heard on the platforms, and are said to be those of 13 year old Anne Naylor, who was murdered in 1798 in a milliner’s shop near the site of the present day station.

Ooohhh!!! And a lot more creepy stuff goes on when the sun sets on this amazing city…..

Dawn Denton©



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