Nelson’s Column

Arthur Ferguson, a Scottish conman ‘sold’ Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square to an American tourist for £6,000 in the 1920s! How funny!! He also ‘sold’ Buckingham Palace and Big Ben before moving to the US, where he ‘sold’ the White House and the Statue of Liberty!!! Silly Americans!! 😉

He had said he was a civil servant and the purchasers only realised they had been conned when they tried to collect their goods!!! Can you imagine the conversation?

He wasn’t the only one – Michael Corrigan ‘sold’ the Tower of London, London Bridge and 145 Piccadilly (a Royal residence) again to Americans!!! The sneaky guy also once convinced a jeweller to loan him his shop for a day to catch some thieves….and you can imagine the outcome of that one!


IMAGE: Dawn Denton©


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