Cockerels and Coffee

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Cockerels & Coffee

10 Downing Street – home to the British Prime Minister during his time in office (or he stays in Number 11 if Number 10 is too small for his family). It is here where top ranking government officials meet to discuss important issues for and about the country – William the Conquerer would’ve done this at the Tower of London.

But, here at Number 10 was also one of London’s most popular ‘cock-pits’, where cockerels fought to the death. A famous cockerel called ‘Old Trodgon’ won £200 in a fight here in 1787.  He became a pretty famous cock!

Number 10 later became a coffee house and a popular place for thieves to deal in stolen goods.

Some might say it is still a place where thieves meet and cocks fight…

Dawn Denton©

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