Bleeding Heart

In 1626 a local London beauty, Elizabeth Hatton, a widow, who was the daughter-in-law of a consort of Queen Elizabeth I (Sir Christopher Hatton) rejected her suitor who was the Spanish Ambassador, at a high society party. They were seen dancing together later that evening, so when she left the party, the other guest thought she was with the Ambassador. But, she was brutally murdered and her body was found in the yard at Hatton Garden the next morning.

www.thelegendsoflondon.wordpress.comThe story of her murder was even mentioned in the Dicken’s novel Little Dorrit, “At dawn the body of Lady Hatton was found in the courtyard behind the stables torn limb from limb with her heart still pumping blood on the cobblestones.”

Today the courtyard is called Bleeding Heart Yard, and there is now a highly recommended, elegant French restaurant on the site, called the Bleeding Heart Restaurant, which serves a good rare steak.

And according to the New Yorker it is, “Bleeding Hard to find but Worth It”!



  1. It always disturbs me to see how people store their anger, probably from childhood, an eventually unleash it with results far out of the proportion to the matter at hand. When will we begin to value teaching feeling skills in our societies,?

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