Place Names in London

Acton – farmstead by the oaks

Barnet – land cleared by burning

Dulwich – marshy meadow where dill grows

Fulham – Fulla’s land in a river bed

Greenwich – green harbour

Hammersmith – palce with a hammer smithy

Kensal Green – place by the king’s wood

Lambeth – landing place for lambs

Mayfair – place of the May Fair held in the 17th and 18th centuries

Neasden – place by the nose-shaped hill

Putney – landing place where hawks are seen

Roehampton – home farm where rooks are seen

Spitalfields – hospital fields

Upminster – higher church

Vauxhall – Falke’s hall or manor

Walthamstow – place where guests are welcome

And London?  Two suggestions:

1. The city was named after King Lud (first king of London)

2.  The name London was taken from the Roman name Londinium

But of course, there are many other suggestions – we will never really know I guess!


One comment

  1. A history of the English language in its names! That Londinium is the most popular, as far as I have been informed over the years. It’s just as interesting to know where strange names come from – I;ve often wondered about the surname Sidebottom…

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