From Bedlam to Beggar

www.thelegendsoflondon.wordpress.comBedlam, which was originally a priory for the sisters and brethren of the Order of the Star of Bethlehem, was originally located in Bishopsgate (where Liverpool Street station now stands).

In 1837 it became the most famous and fearsome mental hospital. Techniques doctors used to try and cure the patients ranged from chaining them up and giving them cold baths to making them vomit.  The hospital also became a bit of a tourist attraction and posh Londoners would pay for a guided tour so that they could look at, tease and even poke the patients!

In 1851, Bedlam was cleaned up and laws were passed to protect the mentally ill. Any patient who had been cured was given a badge and allowed back onto the streets of London as a beggar…interesting times!

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