Under the Waterloo Clock

Waterloo Station was named after the Waterloo Bridge and was opened in 1848.  It is Britain’s largest station covering an area of 25 acres (10 ha). In 1854, it responed to a devastating cholera epidemic in the city.

Waterloo Station clockThe London Necropolis Company began to operate a daily ‘funeral service’ to the world’s biggest burial ground – Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey. The trains departed from the Necropolis Station (adjacent to Waterloo’s main terminal) which featured separate platforms for Anglican and Nonconformist corpses!  It even had a bar, which had a sign saying ‘spirits served here’! This very interesting station was bombed during the Blitz and sadly not rebuilt.

The present station building is noted for the Victorian Arch and today it  commemorates railway staff who were killed in WWI.

One of London’s most famous rendezvous points is ‘under the clock at Waterloo Station’, the large 4-faced clock which hangs in the centre of the main concourse and is a very interesting spot to ‘people watch’!

Waterloo Station was also the first London terminus for Eurostar trains, which has now moved to St Pancras Station.

Abba held a press photo shoot at Waterloo Station on 11 April 1974, the day after their first appearance on Top of the Pops, in celebration of their ‘Waterloo’ winning the Eurovision Song Contest five days before!

In 2007 / 2008 over 100 million tickets were bought at Waterloo station.  This means that many more people than this move through the station each year, as this fugure does not include the use of the London Underground from Waterloo or Waterloo East!

….and finally in 2007, Hollywood star Matt Damon was mobbed at Waterloo Station while attempting to film scenes for the third Bourne Conspiracy trilogy.

Wow Waterloo!


Image Source: Oxyman



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