About Dawn

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About Dawn

People make me tick! The people who are inspirational in their everyday living are the ones I admire the most.

London is an incredible city, so and in 2004 I became a London City Guide. I had spent years on coach tours on the Continent and Great Britain and this was a natural progression for me once I layed my toothbrush down in one place for longer than 2 nights.

I am thrilled by the magnificent Square Mile as well as the buzz of Greater London – the buildings, the events and most importantly the people who made this city so wonderfully exciting! I also enjoy the different angles and interpretation of a story. This is what makes history so exciting – everyone has their own version of an event….these stories are my version, from my reading and my research.

Here’s to exploring the alleyways and uncovering a world of legend and history in one of the greatest cities on earth…

Guiding in the Guildhall Yard

Telling the story of Oz at Admiral Authur Phillip

Rain, hail or snow!


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