My love of travel inspired me to become a tour director in the late 1990s. When I decided to lay my toothbrush in a place for more than 2 days in 2004, I did not want to let go of my love of guiding.  I got myself qualified as a London City Guide.  If I was not able to give a walking tour, how else could I share my love of London?  My mailing list evolved into my Legends of London blog. I just love spending hours paging through books to find the best little bit of information that will make someone say, “Wow!, or “I didnt know that!”, or “That is amazing! I must tell….”.

I am thrilled with the lovely positive feedback I have recieved so far, and am also moved by Travelling Bag, who has awarded me the The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

The conditions of the award are to ensure I acknowledge other inspiring bloggers, plus I need to give you 7 interesting facts about me, I do hope they are interesting for you, so here goes:

1.  I lived in a house with a man who was jailed with Nelson Mandela at the Rivonia trials

2.  I hate onions

3.  I have touched an Olympic Gold Medal

4.  I named my cat Sebastian after Sebastian Coe the British Olympian

5.  I am an only child

6.  My favourite team sport is netball

7.  I bite my nails

A huge thank you to Pam from for nominating me for this award, and I am overwhelmed that you are inspired by one of my passions, London. You too are an inspiration, and I so enjoy sharing the love of travel with people like you.

Other bloggers I have found to be inspirational and have made an impression on me – for their honesty, their passion, and their love of the written word to share thoughts and ideas:

I thus nominate them for this award: The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


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