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Where to Visit In London on a Budget

Many may think that a visit to London is costly. Yet with a little bit of planning, it is possible you can see London on a budget. Many of London’s attractions are easily accessible by foot or public transportation. This city boasts hundreds of attractions that cost next to nothing.

One of the main attractions in London is the theatre scene. Every trip should include at least one West End show. The heart of the theatre community is the West End. Millions of visitors flock to this area each year and there are numerous theatres to choose from. Each theatre is breathtaking, constructed from fine materials and inspired by Victorian or Edwardian themes. The West End is defined by a grid of four streets; Oxford Street, the Strand, Regent Street and Kingsway. These theatres show long running plays such as Mamma Mia, Les Misérables, Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Evita and The Lion King.

The Apollo Victoria Theatre

The Apollo Victoria is one such theatre that is a must see and has a rich history. The theatre opened in 1929 as a motion picture venue. It was designed by Ernest Walmsley Lewis which features Art Deco on the outside of the theatre. Inside is inspired by a nautical scene with intricate seashells, concealed lightning and soaring columns. The theatre closed in 1975 as it changed from a movie cinema to a live theatre. Famous Broadway plays have been shown here such as; Fiddler on The Roof, Sound of Music, Starlight Express, Movin’ Out and now currently shows Wicked.

The theatre is easily accessible, located near both bus stations and the underground railway. Nearby is the famed Thistle Westminster Hotel which is located in the heart of the West End. This hotel is great for anyone on a budget as it is located in the middle of historical venues and attractions. Hotel guests can walk to the Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Westminster Abbey or even downtown London.

The West End is also home to non commercial theatres which showcase more historical plays such as Shakespeare. The historical Globe Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company is home to some of the most demanding art venues. The Royal Opera House which is considered one of the greatest Opera houses in the world is also located in the West End. This houses the Royal Opera, Royal Ballet and the Royal Symphony.

©Angelina Lawson