Anyone for a Chelsea Bun?

Probably the most famous thing to come out of Chelsea is the Chelsea Bun.  The buns are filled with dried mixed fruit and cinnamon sprinkle and the sugary glaze give them a distinct flavour and character.

The Old Chelsea Bun House

The bun was first created in the 18th century in a Chelsea bakery call The Old Chelsea Bun House, which was owned by ‘Captain Bun’ or Mr Hand, and his wife. The shop was a favourite of the royal family and when the last Hand son died in 1839, the shop was reverted to the Crown and all the contents within the shop were auctioned off.

Almost two centuries later, Chelsea Buns are still enjoyed around the world, in children’s lunch boxes, school tuck shops, bakeries and in tea houses.

Why not try to make some Chelsea Buns?  The BBC Food wesite has a lovely recipe here.