King Lud

London’s Name

1. King Lud was a shadowy figure in London history. He improved the palaces that were already established here by the legendary character of Brutus.  Lud called the settlement ‘Ludtown’, which became London over time.

2. Another idea could be that the name came from the Celtic language – Llyd-don means ‘fort by a stream’.

3. Another Celtic word ‘londos’ means fierce.  This would suggest that Londoners have always been a rough bunch! This would of course give a historic justification for the present day football hooligans….maybe.

Image: BBC

Place Names in London

Acton – farmstead by the oaks

Barnet – land cleared by burning

Dulwich – marshy meadow where dill grows

Fulham – Fulla’s land in a river bed

Greenwich – green harbour

Hammersmith – palce with a hammer smithy

Kensal Green – place by the king’s wood

Lambeth – landing place for lambs

Mayfair – place of the May Fair held in the 17th and 18th centuries

Neasden – place by the nose-shaped hill

Putney – landing place where hawks are seen

Roehampton – home farm where rooks are seen

Spitalfields – hospital fields

Upminster – higher church

Vauxhall – Falke’s hall or manor

Walthamstow – place where guests are welcome

And London?  Two suggestions:

1. The city was named after King Lud (first king of London)

2.  The name London was taken from the Roman name Londinium

But of course, there are many other suggestions – we will never really know I guess!